About Chromos

Why Chromos? Chromos is the Greek word for color  – and as we know, without light there is no color. Lorenzo Kunze’s 40 years in the medical and aesthetic field provides him the ability and experience to provide a pure and guiding light to medical and aesthetic professionals around the world.

Without color, our world would be very boring. Color can enhance your mood. Color drives our daily decisions, from what to wear to which product to buy.

Without light, there is no color. And the equilibrium of color to light balances the energy of our physical, spiritual, and mental well being.

Get to know Lorenzo. As a pioneer in the laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal and laser skin rejuvenation field, I have taught thousands of students the art of medical and aesthetic laser applications. I founded the first laser college or laser school in the world (1996) and while teaching laser physics, I would explain that all colors — or visible wavelengths — mixed together produce a pure white light. Lasers have the ability to filter out superfluous (unwanted) colors, so that you have a pure wavelength of color. This provides you with the correct laser color for the procedure of your choice.

For example, in laser tattoo removal the color of the laser light is attracted to certain pigmented particles. This pigment is called a chromophore — the part of the molecule that is responsible for its color. Anything with color has a chromophore.

When the laser light energy hits a chromophore, the absorption of that energy destroys the chromophore, but nothing around it. Specifically, a 532nm (Q-switch Nd:YAG) green laser is attracted to red ink, blood, and pigment. So when removing a red tattoo, the laser would filter out all other colors and use a pure wavelength of 532nm green. Once this is done the water in the ink is removed and the pigment is condensed down to a crystal, which our bodies macrophage (Greek for ‘big eaters’) then will digest the pigment. Thus removing the tattoo forever, or until it is tattooed over.

This is why I developed Chromos.com. I liken the need for laser filters to the need for help in filtering through information on the internet. While building your business, it is difficult and confusing to sift through the overwhelming comments, ideas, and stories found online. Chromos.com filters out useless information and provides a pure guiding light to medical and aesthetic laser professionals.

Lasers have the ability to filter out unwanted colors, so that you have a pure wavelength of the color of your choice. This provides you with the laser procedure of your choice.