So you want to use video to promote your business?

Ok, you have the video camera, the tripod, and more.
Here is how to get the most out of your equipment when shooting videos.

When you record a video of yourself, find a place in your home or office that is interesting to look at (not white walls with nothing on them), has a good color scheme, and is evenly lit. Don’t shoot with the camera facing a window as the camera can not compensate very well for the difference in brightness of the window and the room.

Put the camera off to the side about 30-45 degrees and turn your upper body and head towards the camera and look straight into the lens of the camera. This adds a 3 dimensional look to you and your background making both look less flat. Make sure the camera is at eye level and that the lighting on your face is even and there aren’t any “hot spots” or over-lit areas.

The camera should be close to you to capture good sounding audio. The correct distance for the best sounding audio really depends on the camera you are using, so experiment with different distances and see which distance produces the best audio. All of these will form a good base for your video and will produce good results.

Time to get in front of the camera and record your video! The next blog post will cover being on camera.