New Laser Removes ALL INK COLORS

Tattoos are being put on faster than any other time in history. According to a recent Harris Poll, 1 out 4 adults have at least one tattoo (25%). And 2 out of those 4 want their tattoo either covered-up, redesigned and/or removed.

Laser Tattoo Removal is one of the fastest growing professions in the United States, and the reason why, is that in 2010, a “new” laser became available – that can safely remove ALL INK AND PIGMENT COLORS.

Up until then – sky blues, turquoise, greens, aqua and yellows were virtually impossible to remove. See the featured picture of the turquoise colored dragonfly – utilizing the new lasers unique square spot size – courtesy of Redding Laser Tattoo Removal – Linda Soloniuk, R.N.

This “new” laser is called the QuantaUSA Q plus C and it has three (3) Q-Switch wavelengths in one (1) box. 532nm/694nm/1064nm -

This Q plus C laser works faster, more efficiently and it has the least chance of scarring, than any other laser out there right now.

Q-Switch technology works at a fast as a nano-second or at 1/1,000,000,000 of a second. This means that the ink or pigment is heated and crystalized into minute (microscopic) tar-like particles. The macrophage (the body’s ‘big eaters’ of the immune system) then digest these particles via the body’s waste removal system, which over time will leave the skin free from any tattoo ink.

The Q plus C laser utilizes all three (3) wavelengths by attracting to the three (3) primary colors RGB (red, green and blue) that exist in all colors. By the way – opposites attract (green attracts to red, red attracts to green). All three (3) wavelengths (are available in the same box and all colors can be treated at the same treatment time (your treatment protocol will be designed by a specially trained laser professional).

See (pictured to your right) how the Q plus C ruby (694nm) laser head lights up when ignited – it truly is a well designed, well built and quality piece of equipment. I have not ever seen any other laser that works this effectively.

There are approximately 100 professionals in the U.S. now using this technology, which has a $150K price tag.  Lorenzo can offer professional discounts up to 20% to those that are part of the Chromos Group.

Professionals that want to either purchase the laser or take training on the Q plus C need to contact QuantaUSA (let them know you are working with “THE LASERMAN” or contact Lorenzo Kunze, M.E. (world renown laser educator) directly / 888-499-8991.