So you want to use video to promote your business?

What is the purpose of using videos to market your company? The purpose of using video is to create a connection that text, pictures, and audio can’t do on their own. It’s a more personal connection. People can read a block of text, but a video normally produces a more personal connection between the person watching and your company. Here is an example. First, read the the below text and then watch the video which is linked below. See a difference?

Rather go on a date with a dorky guy or sleep on your sofa bed?
Sounds like you need a new sofa bed mattress
Call now 888-259-5894
or visit

View video

Now, which made you feel like you had a personal connection with the company? Also, which established more creditability for the company? There is a reason why large companies like Geico, Coke, Pepsi, GM, and Dodge use video as one of their marketing tools. Notice that I said one of their marketing tools. Videos are not the only tool you should use for advertising, but one of the tools that you should use. When it is used correctly, it is a very powerful tool.

The next post will be on getting started with videos for your business. Stay tuned!